Here is just one example of the incredible power of branding & design:

I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of beloved author clients over the years, and one of the most amazing things I have heard from them is how when their new covers were implemented, they were enthusiastically approached by their vendors including Apple’s iBooks department directly, wanting to promote and position their books in much more highly visible places and ways BECAUSE of how much they loved their cover art.

Were these authors already ridiculously talented, amazing and beloved? of course! But it goes to show the power of design to create connection and help elevate you from the sea of fishes, in new and impactful ways.

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The power of great design in branding your business is that it not only excites and inspires your clients, but it excites and inspires you too! When you meet your genuine brand, all fleshed out before you, it re-invigorates and re-inspires YOU about it too, it brings your vision to life in a whole new way, and that inspiration goes right back into the business… equipping you with everything you need to meet your market head-on, and grow your business from a fresh and strong foundation. As a successful business owner you already know that whether you’re selling a product or a service, what you’re really selling is an EXPERIENCE, and the best way to sell an experience is to give your prospective customers a “taste”. Here at The Salty Olive we specialize in just that very thing, and we’ve been doing it for 16+ years: distilling it all down to the heart of your business, and designing all your marketing materials to do just that—give your clients a true “taste” and FEEL for YOUR UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE. The fact is people connect on a tactile, and emotional level through words and imagery—it’s what moves them and ultimately inspires them to choose you—that’s why we design your brand as an answer to what your clients most want to feel and experience,  because when you do that, you go from being A choice for them, to being THE choice for them.