Why You Can't Afford NOT To Hire The Help You Need

TheHelpYouNeedOne of the most common complaints I hear from business owners is that they can’t afford to hire the help they need. Not only do they find it next to impossible to even FIND good help, in all areas of their business, but that once they do, the price is more than they were prepared for.  And let me tell you… I hear THAT.

As a business owner myself, I face the same challenges all the time. When it comes to a task I need done, I have three choices:

• find the cheapest person for the job to save some dough
• spend a hundred thousand hours trying to figure it out myself
• or find the funds to get the kind of care and attention that I know will serve me best.

There was a time when I struggled mightily with this, and it wasn’t long ago AT ALL (ahem, last week). It was before I found a tool that I could use for this decision, before I knew how the hell to approach the chaos of knowing who to trust and what to do next— it was before I made THIS—which changed my course direction forever.

But once I had that tool, I had a way of sifting through my options, by simply asking myself which of those choices is most in line with my vision.

If you’ve been around a little, you may know that I aim to please. My chief initiative is to create beauty, warmth, joy and ease for all of my clients, family and friends. It’s what I love to do, and what I love to give. It’s the values that come most naturally to me. They are an absolutely integral part of my client experience and what I strive to bring to everyone I work with—so for me to compromise those qualities in my own life and work and continue to avoid investing in what I know will help me better reach my long term goals, is a definite step in the wrong direction.

If I can make it work to hire the people who line up best with what I value most, then I damned well better do it, or I’m only hurting myself and wasting valuable time and money on things that will just have to be redone later on.

Now, that said, I am NOT a proponent of being irresponsible or impractical when it comes to what’s in reach. If I can make it work without hurting myself, and without the risk of ruin, even if it’s a big fat stretch… then it’s a leap worth taking for me.  Because what I want to create is MORE ease, warmth and joy in my work and life, not more frustration, overwhelm, and cold disconnection in my life.  I want to live the life and values I love NOW, not later when I “get there”. As the old adage goes, that day may never come. There’s just no guarantees. So this is how I can cut to the chase.

We all know sometimes things are just TOO much of a stretch, sometimes you just can’t hire the help you really want to, and when that is the case then perhaps it’s better to hold off on that task all together for now.  Focus on other tasks that are more in reach, and put it into place when you’ve saved up your pennies or built a budget around it as a priority.  You can find out what next steps are most important by consulting your compass.

When you’re clear on your direction, the path and way becomes easy to see… you finally realize how much more it truly costs you to hire help that compromises the quality of your life and business.  All too often bargain bin services can end up being a major drain, and unfortunately it is also an extremely common thing I hear from clients that they’ve already wasted X amount of dollars with a designer who didn’t deliver, didn’t communicate and didn’t understand their unique ‘voice’.  I have had similar experience many times myself, so I get it—trying to cut corners in a practical attempt to save—but then ending up doing much of the work I hired someone to do myself, or  just paying someone else to do it all over again. And we all know how much fun that is. 😀

So if the help you need is not in reach, just make a plan to do some things that ARE still in line with your vision, that way it’s a win in the meantime, and you get to stay in keeping with the qualities you most value, until you can hire the ones you really want.



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