Same Turd,
Different Glitter

So I’ve noticed some really damaging ideas still running rampant in modern spirituality. This is no surprise of course, and as we all know, there are also a TON of damaging ideas floating around in old-world spirituality (religion).


These old religious ideas are what formed our current culture and societal standards, so of course, that means these ideas are EVERYWHERE we look.


But the difference is that those harmful ideas are a bit easier to spot, whereas in modern-day spirituality a lot of times they’re cloaked in a layer of glitter and rainbow sprinkles, which makes them a little harder to distinguish.


I heard it said somewhere that you can roll a turd in glitter, but it’s still a turd.


The turd I’m talking about here is the idea I see a lot of in modern spirituality that if you’re not thin and athletic and “eating clean”, it means you’re secretly depressed, holding yourself back, unhealthy, and don’t have any real self-love.


Same turd, different glitter.


This is exactly the same message we get about our bodies from the media and from society at large. Each one has a different way of telling you you’re defective, but make no mistake they’re both telling you exactly that.


The message at the core is… something’s wrong with you. The message is, there is one body size that looks like success, happiness, and mental and physical health, and it is thin. And if you do not look like this *insert societal norm*, and eat like this *insert societal norm*… you’re just “not there yet”.


ERRRRRRTTTTTT. *insert times-up game show buzzer*


Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.


The same thing is also implied for career success & financial success. The idea is if you’re not there yet, and don’t have that, it’s because you’re failing at mental or spiritual health.


None of this is true. And it makes people feel like they’re doing something wrong. Like they ARE something wrong. Like they’re failing all the time, and will never arrive at their destination.


That’s what’s damaging. The idea that you’re not good enough as you are.


Instead of the old model where you’re set to work perfecting outer circumstances, you’re now just set to work perfecting inner circumstances. But perfectionism is still driving the bus. And as you probably know by now, that bitch is a horrible driver. 😆😳😱😵🔥🚒💨


So I want to clarify right now that EVERYTHING I share and teach is about helping people feel and know their true inherent value and worth — it’s my “Big Why”, and always has been. I want you to know that you can have the kind of life, love, money and success you want to have, but NOT because you need that, or should have that, or should want that, or need to “arrive somewhere” to be good enough…


but because you’re WORTHY and DESERVING of everything you want, RIGHT. NOW. 


Right. Freaking. NOW. 


You don’t need to shrink your way into it, or blaze your way into it, or hustle your way into it, or earn your way into it. You are worthy of whatever it is you want… and I just want to help you feel your worth so that you can feel into what it is you actually DO want, and trust yourself on your path to getting just that.


But you’re not closer-to, or further-away-from “god” (life/love/universe/nature) based on your pants size. For heaven’s sake!! Nor are you closer-to or further-away-from “alignment”, emotional maturity, or mental health.


Same goes for happiness, unconditional love and thriving based on your bank account or business success.


But there is this idea running around out there, that when you truly love and honor yourself then you’ll suddenly drop 2 dress sizes and look like the cover of a magazine.


The truth is, all you drop is the load of bull that is those dress size expectations, and you start to FEEL like the cover of a magazine — i.e. SEEN and valuable and like you MATTER (cause you do).


The point is that when you love and honor yourself as the bright shining star that you are — exactly as you are — and you find yourself wanting certain things (with business or body or money or mind)… it slowly starts to dawn on you that the world is your flippin’ oyster! That you CAN have what you want, and you’re already worthy of it.


The turd in this scenario is the belief that you’re not good enough. Not worthy of love and success and money, as you are. And no amount of glitter can cover that shit up.


As with most things in life, it all comes down to love. And love should always include YOU. Clean eating, dirty eating, rich living, poor living, and every damn thing in between.


You’re enough. 


Start there… find out what you WANT. Re-write the story about whether or not you can have it (hint: of course you can!!). Do what’s right for YOU.


Just keep doing that, and you’re golden.




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