How to Turn Lemons Into
Business Lemonade

There will be times in every normal healthy business when everything’s coming up lemons. Those times where every door feels shut, and everything you’re trying isn’t working. Those times when you feel frustrated, burnt-out and uninspired.


It is in times like these that you feel you’ve hit a wall. And you HAVE hit a wall of sorts, but it’s not so much a wall, as a CEILING.


The book The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix calls this an “Upper Limit Problem”. Basically, you’ve hit a perceived limitation, and you’re grinding up against it. Something that you’re trying to do doesn’t jive with something your subconscious still believes. And so your subconscious has pulled the e-brake, while you’re still thinking you’re on cruise control.


So why don’t we just kick the subconscious into line then, you ask?


Because the subconscious mind is responsible for something ridiculously absurd like 75% of your brains computing power, so what that means is that you’re basically UNCONSCIOUSLY deciding shit all day long, every single day.


🤯 I know, WTF right?! 🤯


You’re merrily going along painting pretty pictures of your future vision and goals, pasting positive mantras over top of your self-doubts, and moving towards what you want with commitment and steadfast ACTION, but the results are not matching the effort, and the harder you try, the worse it seems to get!


It’s awful. It’s disheartening and discouraging, and it’s usually at this point you want to throw in the towel. But don’t. Because the limitations you think you’ve hit are actually the EXACT things you need to reach your goal.


These business “lemons” — i.e. things gone wrong, things not working, wonky results, etc. — are the exact clues you need to find out what your subconscious mind is really believing and expecting. Because those are the results you’re creating.


So the thing to do in times like these is to get out a pen and paper, and make a numbered list of what is going wrong or not working. 


Once that is done make a 2nd list that is of how each of those things on the first list is making you FEEL and what it’s making you THINK. Be BRUTAL. Be honest. Be real. Go dark. Don’t try to pixie-dust your way out of this, it’s important. 


Now take a good look at that list of feelings and thoughts about what is happening… because that is what you’re believing underneath all the hype and noise and attempts to think happy thoughts. And that is what you need to work with.


There are many many ways to work with these thoughts, but here is just one exercise you can do once you actually KNOW what they are:


Pick the one on the list that feels the biggest. Now write down at least 3 things you could do to help support yourself and re-assure your subconscious mind around this particular issue.


Here’s a quick sample of a list you might have:

What’s Not Working:

1. I have raised my prices and nobody is paying them, clients are saying they can’t afford me, they wish they could but they can’t, I can’t find the right fit people no matter what I try.


How That’s Making Me Feel:

1. I’m not really good enough. I’m not worth that much. I should be helping those people regardless of what I need. They need me. I’m asking too much. I don’t fit in anywhere. I don’t belong.


What I Can Do To Support Myself Around This Issue:

1. Find others who are in business making this amount or more so I don’t feel like I’m trying to do something impossible. Find a mentor to learn from or follow who makes me feel like I’m not nuts for doing this, and that it 100% can be done. Do some EFT tapping around comparison, imposter complex and being “good enough”. Talk to a healer or therapist about it. Join a new community, take a course on the subject. Stay with myself and my vision by not caving-in or giving up or settling. Continue to show up and be seen and heard and honor myself even if/when others don’t, and continue to seek out other people who WILL see, honor and respect me for who I am, and what I’m aiming to do.



What begins to happen when you do this is that your subconscious mind will start to form new beliefs based on your NEW experiences, it will see you do all of the above, see that you didn’t die in the process, see that you were okay, and it will feel more SAFE to let you move ahead.


Our subconscious is our friend, it is trying to keep us safe, but it is doing so based on PAST EXPERIENCES, which were probably shitty in a lot of cases, so you just need to help it get on board by creating new experiences for it to build trust upon.


As you do this you tip the scales towards your new reality, and with ALL OF YOU on board, it is quickly made manifest.


So if you’re stuck right now on any level, just keep investigating those lemons (your resistance, frustration, etc.) and press it for that sweet lemonade! You know, the healing stuff that is at first a little bitter, but OH SO refreshing and renewing.


You got this tater-tot.🍋💪✨


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