Expanding Your


What is your current capacity to receive? I want you to seriously pause and take a moment to assess this, and here’s how you can:


What is the most money you’ve allowed yourself to receive at one time, up to now? Are you ready for that number to be expanded? What might that next level be? Write it down.


What is the max salary, income, hourly, single item, or annual pay you’ve allowed yourself to receive up to now? Are you ready for that number to be expanded? What might that next number or level be? Write it down.


What is the level of love and support you are currently allowing yourself to receive? Are you ready for that level of love and support to be expanded? What might that look like? Write it down.


What is the most fun and freedom you’ve allowed yourself to receive up to now? Are you ready for more freedom and more fun? What might that look like? Write it down.


Here’s where your “BUT’S” come in. But, but, but, but, but… “But I can’t. But I’m limited. But there are no options. But I don’t see a way. But it’s too hard. It’s too much work. It’s not possible.”


NONSENSE. That is an old script that says “you are totally powerless. you cannot create a different reality. Just give up and go with the status quo.”


But you, you who are reading this does NOT go with the status quo. You are a creator, and you are powerful, and you’ve always known it. No matter how much you’ve tried to downplay it, hide it, suppress it, judge it, and condemn it away.


So you are going to breeze right past those but’s and write it down anyway. And you are then going to write down a list of what you perceive you’ll have to do, be, or give up, in order to do this.


Once you see that list, cross out the things you are NOT willing to do, be, or give up, and ask yourself: “how can I step into this next level without having to do, be or give up these things?” Write it down. This time, just write down the QUESTION.


If the answer doesn’t come… that’s more than okay. The answer WILL come. Because you have just initialized the creative process, and the unfolding is already underway. Your answer will come. It will come in time through your own magical way and means. Just keep your eyes open to the signs, and do whatever comes to you next to do.


 Expanding your capacity to receive is as simple as stating you are ready to receive it. That gets the ball rolling.


What comes next can feel confusing and like the ride of your life, BUT it unfolds of its own accord so long as you are willing to take that ride, and it really only requires that you tell yourself the truth about what you want, and what you don’t want, and just take the next step in front of you.


Work with what comes up to be healed and cleared on your way. That is the junk that blocks your flow. But it is ALSO the junk that DIRECTS your flow! So it is nothing to be feared, it’s part of your calling!


Don’t give up. Don’t give up on what you want until or unless you STOP WANTING IT. You are a precious and valuable gift, and the world needs all of who you are, but mostly… YOU DO.


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As I have expanded my capacity to receive over the years, what happens, is that I, myself, am expanded. That’s how it works. And as I expand, I see possibilities that are right in front of me, that I simply could not see or let-in before. 


I’ve found that all I have to do, is be willing to take that journey. To say YES to me, and YES to life, again, and again, and again. (even when it totally sucks sometimes and totally hurts and is totally uncomfortable and I totally wish I didn’t say yes!) 😄


It is always worth it in the end.




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