Don't Be An


I had a dream last night that I was standing on an ancient glacier, this glacier was a small island, and it was legend that it was the oldest, deepest running, strongest and most resistant-to-melt of any glacier or island anywhere in the world. I understood in the dream that it was fabled never to dissolve.


And it was melting.


It was dissolving under my very feet, but somehow I was not scared. I was a little nervous about whether I’d have enough time, but I knew I would simply step to dry land.


The island is symbolic of a way I used to be, a way I have been for most of my life. That it was an “ancient glacier” shows that this way of being is very old and very cold, and ‘frozen’ in another time. Frozen in the past. Frozen in traumas.


That part of me believed I was on my own. Alone in what I perceived to be the cold and cruel seas of life. Disconnected. Unprotected. Fending for myself to just survive. The part that deep down felt I was unloveable, no matter HOW much love showed up in my life.


And because I believed that, I disconnected. From myself, from my world, from my people, and from my faith. That part of me lived in scarcity because it WAS scarcity. It was not-enoughness in action—not-enoughness as a verb.


Being an island is a self-protective measure. You must self-protect when you believe it is not safe to be yourself.


We come to this world knowing we are precious, fully worthy, and deserving. We come in ready to receive everything we want and need, with no resistance whatsoever. And then, that does or does not happen, in a thousand big and tiny ways. And so, you begin to freeze, and detach, and float away. Because at least then you won’t be disappointed.



But that island is melting. The old way of being… in fear and scarcity and disconnection and on-your-own-ness… in constant fight or flight, hoping for nothing more than to survive… is dissolving. Right beneath our feet.



That way has ruled for too long. It was fabled to never dissolve. But IT IS. And you can choose to embrace it, or panic and scream as the whole thing goes down.


Me? I’m just gonna step to dry land. Meaning, reach deep into the well of me and KNOW I will be held. Held in a whole new paradigm. One where I don’t have to fight to just survive. One where I love and *allow* myself to thrive.


And how about you? In what ways do you believe you are on your own? In what ways do you not allow yourself to be supported? And will you choose to step off to a whole new land? What is one small way you can choose that today?


Because you deserve all the goodness. You deserve all the goodness because you ARE all the goodness! And until you remember that all the way, just start letting a little more of it in.




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