So you need a new website or complete brand design, but you’re not sure who to trust with it. You’ve perused around the web and found a million different options including everything from do-it-yourself platforms to teams of seasoned developers. Even your good friends nephew offered to do it! But you’re still not sure who to trust with it. Your business is your livelihood, it’s your vision and your hopes and dreams for the future, it’s the foundation from which you build your securities, like a self-sustaining home that feeds and nurtures all the other areas of your life. So it’s no wonder you take this endeavor so seriously … and so do I.

Since your branding and website is literally your businesses’s single most valuable marketing tool, this is not the place to skimp or cut corners —a good house needs a good foundation— and that’s what our design work is. It is a conduit between you and your people, and the quality of it speaks far louder than words.



What you need is someone who understands your vision, who listens and communicates clearly, and gets back to your emails sometime before the turn of the century. You need someone who understands what it is that captures an audience, and what it is that holds them there—someone who knows the tools available, and knows how to use them to your best advantage—saving you valuable time and resources. You need someone who genuinely cares, someone who asks the right questions… you need someone who cares for your end-goal as much as you do, because they understand that that is a mutually beneficial relationship.

My name is Sunni Chapman and I founded this business based on these very principals 16 years ago, and have been doing that very thing, with great success, ever since.  Is it me that you need… is it me you can trust?  Only you can decide that. But what I will tell you is that MY house also must be built on a solid foundation, and that foundation is YOU. If my clients do not feel cared for, listened to, provided for, and generally over-the-moon with their service, then my entire livelihood is built on shaky ground— which is why I make damn sure they do! As businesses and customers we are constantly feeding eachother, supporting eachother and holding eachother up, and without that constant exchange of value, none of us could build the blooming businesses and lives we do. So I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, and connect you with your people, so that all of us can continue to help eachother thrive!

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The power of great design in branding your business is that it not only excites and inspires your clients, but it excites and inspires you too! When you meet your genuine brand, all fleshed out before you, it re-invigorates and re-inspires YOU about it too, it brings your vision to life in a whole new way, and that inspiration goes right back into the business… equipping you with everything you need to meet your market head-on, and grow your business from a fresh and strong foundation. As a successful business owner you already know that whether you’re selling a product or a service, what you’re really selling is an EXPERIENCE, and the best way to sell an experience is to give your prospective customers a “taste”. Here at The Salty Olive we specialize in just that very thing, and we’ve been doing it for 16+ years: distilling it all down to the heart of your business, and designing all your marketing materials to do just that—give your clients a true “taste” and FEEL for YOUR UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE. The fact is people connect on a tactile, and emotional level through words and imagery—it’s what moves them and ultimately inspires them to choose you—that’s why we design your brand as an answer to what your clients most want to feel and experience,  because when you do that, you go from being A choice for them, to being THE choice for them.