The Freedom To


Something I’ve noticed about myself that is different to a lot of the world is that I choose things based on what I
want, not based on what I “can have”. 


In other words I don’t choose based on limitation, and because I don’t, the limitations change.


Now that does NOT mean that there AREN’T limitations, and very real ones at that right in front of me. They are there, I see them, and I see that I don’t have any right or means to choose the desires I am choosing, and yet, I choose them anyway. I insist. I insist that that is what I want, even though I do not see the means or way right now, and that that is what I am choosing, regardless. This is living by intention, instead of by REACTION.


I just suspend my disbelief. And instead of obeying reality, I invite reality to obey me. It is a co-creative dance.


Reality will challenge and stretch you, YES. But YOU are meant to also challenge and stretch IT!  It was never meant to be a one sided thing with you just having to take what you are handed, it was meant to be this beautiful dance. Reality stretches you, you stretch it.


But we are taught to obey the limitations like they’re our masters. We are taught not to question them or our power to change them. We are taught that changing them requires self-sacrifice, hard work, suffering, “doing”, will-power, and “luck”. We are taught that thinking you can change them is stupid, childish, naive, or foolish. And these are the lies we’ve been enslaved to.


There is another power. A power that all true visionaries know about. A power that is more about your being than your doing, it’s the internal revolution that lights the external match. And that power is that you are a creator! You can choose what you want to create. You can choose, and the seeming limitations will change before your eyes.


Not like in the movies, with a wave of a magic wand… but like a seed that you plant and tend with love, as you go about your daily life. And then one day you look up… and see a flower.


That doesn’t mean it’s not magic — it IS! But the magic always requires you to grow.


All you have to do is work through all your inner conflicts about the things you want in order to see it. That is the growing you have to do. Working through those conflicts is like watering the soil and trimming away the darkening overburden so your seed can get some sunlight. But if you do that… if you tend it… that flower WILL bloom.


Do not throw up your hands when you still see dirt and no greenery. If you walk away from giving it your love, of COURSE it will never come up!


Don’t stop giving it your love. Most importantly because it’s not really IT you’re giving your love to when you do this… it’s YOU.  


What you really want, and what you really want to love, is always YOU. And when you get that handled, the sky’s the limit. 


And if you’d like to tend your seeds into bloom, and reclaim your freedom to choose based on what you WANT and not what you “can have”, then I invite you to join me in my Feast or Famine No More Course & Membership » We’ll get you setting your OWN limitations, instead of working within the ones someone handed you. And then ultimately, of course, get rid of those limitations all together. 😉









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