Investing In Yourself Is Not


I see this all the time in both myself and in women I work with, and friends… afraid to invest in themselves and their dreams for fear of it being “stupid”.


Afraid to take risks and spend money on themselves that they would HAPPILY spend on others (their partners, their kids, their pets) without a second thought.


And what I want to say about that is that investing in yourself is NEVER STUPID.


The fact that you aren’t believing yourself worthy of the risk, but others are… is very telling about how much you’re valuing yourself.


Believing in yourself and your worth and putting money, energy, and time towards your dreams is NOT stupid.


“But what if I fail??” your mind will say. And to that I say, do you not deserve to be supported?? Do you not deserve a vote of faith no matter what?? Do you not deserve to fall and get picked up too?? Just like everyone else you love?


Would you tell your child you won’t pay for her to go to dance class because you’re afraid she’ll look like a fool?


Of course you wouldn’t!!  Because you’ll love her no matter what. You don’t expect her dance class to turn her into a prima ballerina in a week. You would consider it a gift to her, a precious (and fun!) way she can experience herself, and her life and gifts, that she is fully deserving of, not a “WASTE”.


But what about you?? Do you get to be loved no matter what? Do you get to have your dreams lovingly embraced and supported no matter the outcome? Do you get to experience your life and yourself as a gift, and not a waste?


Investing in yourself is exactly that.


And not only that, but most of the time it really is PURELY the ACT of investing in yourself that is FAR more powerful than the thing you are investing that money IN. This has been my experience.


Sure, you’ll get the thing you bought. And it will be fabulous! But mostly you will get a sense of HAVING YOUR OWN BACK and supporting your own wants and needs. And believing you deserve to be supported.


That’s where all the magic is.


And you know what else?? Literally ALL investments are results-not-guaranteed. ANY and all investments that anyone could make in ANYTHING, from mortgages to stock markets to marriages – are NOT guaranteed to work out.


And yet I cannot help but notice that if a man invests in a stock, or in his business, and it doesn’t return, nobody is shaming him for wasting money on himself. He took a risk for return and hopefully reward, and it did or did not pan out… so why do women beat the living hell out of themselves before they’ve EVEN made the leap?


Because we’ve been taught that we’re stupid with money, and can’t be trusted with money. Those are some old world rules that need to be re-written!! We are worthy of risk. We are worthy of reward. We are worthy of failing and losing and still being loved. We are worthy of learning, and worthy of growing. And we are worthy of WINNING everything we ever wanted!


Take back your own authority and reclaim your right to risk in the direction of your dreams. You are so worth the time, money, energy and love that it takes.







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