Having It


It seems in this world that there are those for whom love comes easily, but not money. And there are those for whom money comes easily, but not love. There are those for whom success comes easily, but not peace. There are those for whom peace comes easily, but not success. And you have been taught that this is because you “can’t have it all”… but that is not it!


These are not built-in unavoidable dichotomies of life, nor are they harsh lessons being doled out by life or god to keep you humble. They are gifts, not punishments as we’ve been led to believe.


Challenges are gifts, so that there is always a path back to the true joy of knowing yourself as all that you really are, beyond the external things, so you don’t get too totally lost in what you’re not. However you do not NEED to have constant challenges, they just help you go beyond the surface of things, and come home to yourself.


You don’t HAVE to come home, but you’re always invited. You may not always be able to feel this home in you, especially not easily… but you are still, and always, invited.


Life tends to invite us through these challenges when we forget, but if we live in remembrance, we will not need the invitation quite so much. But it will always be there for us when we forget. Like a loving hand showing us the way. Asking us to turn inward, to find the peace that can only be found inside.


But it is just another myth of scarcity that says that if you have abundance in one area of your life, you have to lose or have a hard time in another. If you are feeling challenged in one area of your life, then life is inviting you to explore what you’ve been taught to believe about that area, and to discover who you really are, and what you really want, and to let those beliefs go and allow yourself to have it.


It is true, however, that if you choose to see a pile of shit as nothing more than a pile of shit, then a pile of shit it shall be! But if you are one who chooses to see challenges as fertilizer for something good, or a necessary releasing of something already digested and no longer needed… then that too is what it shall be. You are free to choose how you see it, and how you see it is what shapes your experience OF it.


This is an inside-out world view, but when you live from the inside-out, and know that true freedom and fulfillment is within you, you are free to experience all things and have them all if you so choose, knowing they will not make you, or break you…knowing, you are free. Free to explore your dreams for this life, and to literally have it all, if that is what you desire.


So if you have a belief that you can have some things in life but not others, that some things in life come easily to you (like love or friendship), but other things are really hard (like money or success), and that you should just be grateful for what you have, and be happy with that—to the extent that that discounts or EXCLUDES your hearts desires—then I invite you to undo those beliefs and see what’s really possible for you!


Because you CAN have it all. And that starts with something as simple as the DECISION to do just that. You decide you will and then you investigate everything you’ve been taught that tells you you can only have so much in certain areas, or that having it all is too much and will hurt someone else so you need so suffer in certain areas to be a good person, or whatever else it is you were taught to believe. What people believe they can have usually comes from their level of familiarity with it growing up, if you grew up with a view of some solid relationships in your life you probably don’t have too much trouble believing you can have real love, if you grew up with ample money you probably don’t have too much trouble believing you can have ample money, but if you grew up NOT seeing those things, then that is what you expect to be hard and not possible for you.


Those beliefs and familiarities are SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than you think. They are like programs that literally run us in the back of our minds, without us even knowing. But we can update that old software and re-write those programs towards what you’re wanting, instead of what you believe you “can have”.


That is what we do in my Feast or Famine No More Course, we continually undo what is standing between us and the life of our dreams so that we can watch those dreams come true! If that sounds good, I’d love to have you »


But no matter what, keep pushing those limitations of what you think you’re allowed to have, keep questioning the status quo, and keep trusting yourself and your hearts calling above all the noise.You know what you want, and you can have it all. 











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