branding &
is just a tool

Over the years in this profession you get an instinct for the kind of silent questions your potential clients are asking themselves, even if they don’t ask those questions out loud, and they usually are something along the lines of…


»  Is this really going to be worth it?

»  How important is design & branding to my business anyway? and…

»  Couldn’t I just hire someone cheaper or do this myself?


And to those questions I have some very precise answers, but really they all boil down to this…

Your brand presence is just a tool that you use to get what you really want in your life and business, so whatever you decide to do, just make sure you get a tool that’s up to the job. 

How do you know if what you have is up to the job?  Or if the route you’re considering is up to the job?  It may help to ask yourself the following questions and answer them yourself… because nobody knows your business, goals and values better than you!

» Are you personally more apt to pick a company, product or service when their graphics are beautifully designed? …and you can see and feel their quality from them?

» What does that quality tell you about their service before you’ve had a chance to know them personally? or test their product/service for yourself?

» Do you feel proud and excited to share your current design and branding with people, partners, vendors or investors?

» Does it inspire you about the possibilities to come for you? Does it accurately reflect your quality?

» Does it invoke the feelings that your business gives to its customers — on a gut/emotional level?

» Is what you have now going to support you in growing your business and reaching your goals over the next 3-5 years?

As you well know by now, there are a great many options available to you out there, and I absolutely support whatever is right for you and your business! I built this business to be a warm and safe, inviting space for all my clients and prospects… not a push and shove situation using fear tactics and puffed up bravado – no way jose.

I want you to have what you really need right now, whether or not that is me, because I highly value my client relationships, that’s why they are not one-off, they are long-term partnerships for the health and stability of your business presence, and mine. It simply cannot be that way otherwise!

That’s why I believe in starting off by discussing all the options right up front, so you can make the best choice for YOU, not for me.

Because happy clients = happy me. ♥



we'll help bring out your unique


so you can stand out in the crowd

The power of great design in branding your business is that it not only excites and inspires your clients, but it excites and inspires you too! When you meet your genuine brand, all fleshed out before you, it re-invigorates and re-inspires YOU about it too, it brings your vision to life in a whole new way, and that inspiration goes right back into the business… equipping you with everything you need to meet your market head-on, and grow your business from a fresh and strong foundation. As a successful business owner you already know that whether you’re selling a product or a service, what you’re really selling is an EXPERIENCE, and the best way to sell an experience is to give your prospective customers a “taste”. Here at The Salty Olive we specialize in just that very thing, and we’ve been doing it for 16+ years: distilling it all down to the heart of your business, and designing all your marketing materials to do just that—give your clients a true “taste” and FEEL for YOUR UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE. The fact is people connect on a tactile, and emotional level through words and imagery—it’s what moves them and ultimately inspires them to choose you—that’s why we design your brand as an answer to what your clients most want to feel and experience,  because when you do that, you go from being A choice for them, to being THE choice for them.