Hi Again! So last week we talked about HOW you might attain your business model goals, and how you might each those numbers and some things you can do or think about doing in order to take steps towards that. Then we talked about the absolutely vital piece and foundation for all this, which is what’s going on INSIDE, your mind-set, your blocks, self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs about yourself. This week I promised to share a little more about me and my personal journey, which I go into a lot deeper in my full Feast or Famine No More course, but basically here’s a little background on what my “street cred” is for being able to teach this course and talk about this stuff, because let’s face it nobody wants to listen to anyone who hasn’t worked out their own shit! .

So… I am a work in progress of course, and will be until the day I die, but here’s a little bit of my story and where I started and how I got here:

 I have struggled with body image and with self-confidence as long as I can remember. I tried all the usual tricks, but by the time I was 15 years old I was full blown anorexic, and by the time I was 18 that had shifted over into full time bulimia, and that Bulimia stayed with me for another 12 years.

• When I was 30 years old I did the hard work of going into therapy and healing those behaviors for good, and have never looked back. But it would be another 10 years of healing though, when it came to serial dieting and playing with every “type” of eating there is and body acceptance and love. Our journey’s as women are never really over with this stuff, but in this last year, I’ve sworn off diet culture entirely, and learned to truly feed myself (meaning eat more than one giant meal a day + all the coffee), most importantly I am showing up, letting myself be seen regardless, plus I hardly even sweat my double chin pics or vids. (baby steps, peeps!)

• I am a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, I was almost as bad as it gets. I now recognize the many ways that helped me and hurt me, and am happy to say those two parts of me are WAY more in-check now and definitely do NOT run the show.

• I was raised in a lower middle class family, in a small country town in Northern California. We were above the poverty line, we had food and shelter and love and everything we needed, but we didn’t have much. The only reason I mention this is to show you I don’t and didn’t have “connections”, nor did I “come from money” or have any kind of leg-up in all this.

• I had met my (now, still) husband at 17, and I had a baby by the time I was 19. I don’t have a fancy education from a top university, or slick training, we lived in a one bedroom little house on my husbands aunt’s property for $400 a month and I cleaned houses and did odd jobs with a baby on my hip until I opened my business (kind of forced into it by an incredible hardship – which I share more about in the course) – and I have stayed in business, despite numerous re-inventions for over 17 years!

• I built that business around the life I love, not the other way around, even as the primary earner in my household. I work on my own time and schedule and travel and take trips when I want to. I spend work days mostly in my pajamas at home, and other days out in nature refueling. Which days are which, are up to me.

• So I’ve now been with my best friend and husband Kenny for over 23 years, which is not common in this day and age. We’ve grown up together, and we have survived that growing up together, and we have thrived. We’ve gone through all the shit together, and will still be going through more of it. Having just been going through our respective mid-life crisises I’ve got some relationship cred too. 🙂

• I am 40 years old now, rapidly approaching 41 and I am once again re-inventing myself and reaching new levels. I’m excited, and scared shitless and nervous and all the things. 🙂

• I did all of that stuff NOT “/by the book/“, and still somehow managed to grow and thrive. (do NOT mistake that for: it was easy. nope. nope. nope.) I made my own way, and I made it work. Even when everyone thought I must be crazy. 😊

How I did that was by continually growing and challenging my beliefs about myself and what was possible for me. How I did that was work on the inner shift of how I saw and valued myself, and when I did that, other people and clients valued me too, like a mirror image of the way I valued myself. Having worked with multiple 6 and 7 figure women business owners for years, I have had the great privilege of witnessing incredible mind-set shifts that occurred JUST through the new branding and design process alone, I was so enchanted with how when they saw their new business image, messaging and design I’d created for them, they then saw THEMSELVES differently as a result, and experienced themselves in this new way, on this deeper level so far beyond branding and design, but in what that branding or design AWOKE in them… they felt more confident, more self-assured, they felt their outsides matched their insides and vice versa, and as a result they took bigger actions, they landed themselves in high end publications, they were called and featured by Apple, or were on TV or news, all because of mind-set shifts that I had had the pleasure of helping them with – and that part of the work was always my greatest joy! It wasn’t about the outside design, it was about how the outside design made them FEEL, inside. (results, authority).  

What I realized is that as much as love design and always will, it’s the INSIDE stuff that lights me up. It’s the process of art as self-discovery, and how that self-discovery opens those seemingly locked doors to our dreams. I realized that without these mind set shifts and doing this deep introspective, grounded – REAL work around these unconscious fears and blocks that you’re carrying, it doesn’t matter what tricks you know, what methods, what business model, what marketing, what mentor, or what tools you have at your disposal, you will not use them until you face and deal with your subconscious resistance. You will self-sabotage at every turn and wonder why things aren’t working and the only reason I can say that, is because I DID THAT, for so many years, and I fumbled my way through until I found what was keeping me from my hearts truest desires. And I still do that sometimes, and so I still need to go through this process. Because at every new level there’s a “new devil” as some people say, but my spin on that is that really at every new level it’s the SAME devil, wearing a different outfit. 😉 .  

So I created this Feast or Famine No More course, out of all of the things I learned on that journey that took me from barely scraping by to here. It is my labor of love and a beautiful way to really address those subconscious blocks and get past them, so you can go on to using all the “tools and tricks” and make them REALLY work for YOU in your own way. But you can’t get there until you deal with what’s holding you back, keeping you confused and feeling stuck and – honestly resentful. If you’re feeling resentful of new teachings, courses, experts, or successful people – you are NOT ALONE, I resented the hell out of successful people when I was still wallowing in the muck of all this. Because I didn’t REALLY believe that was possible for me. I had to find out for myself. And now I have. Is it perfect? Hell no. Is it miles and miles better from where I was with more hope and bright light out in front of me? YES. So it was totally, totally WORTH IT.

So often as I was wading through the muck of this process I wished to god I had a women entrepreneur I could look to who was genuine and REAL and went deep, and was down to earth but was still fun and inspiring and uplifting without all the fluff… and I didn’t find that combination I was looking for, no matter how hard I looked, so I decided to BE it. 🙂 I have been told my countless women (and men) entrepreneurs now through my work that I /AM/ exactly those things, so luckily it sounds like I did something right. I’m tryin’ anyway. 🙂 This course is the perfect place to begin if you want to go deeper and do the important work of clearing your blocks to stability and security, confidence and trust, in both your work and finances, and your body and life. This course is exactly the process that revolutionized my life, and I guarantee there will be at least one or two gems in there that will revolutionize yours if you’re truly willing to open your heart to it.

What I know, right now, without even knowing you, is that you’re READY, and it’s time. I suspect you know that, and I suspect that’s precisely why you’re here at this exact moment in time. So if you’d love to have a deeper level of support, and learn how to revolutionize your work life in a way that encompasses your WHOLE LIFE, here’s what the course is going to cover and how it works!

The course is an 8 week journey, delivered to your inbox at a nice & easy once per week pace. Each week will contain that week’s chapter from the /Feast or Famine No More Guidebook/, complete with gorgeous imagery and prompts, and a short informal video chat where I share a personal story and example that relates to that chapters subject…. these videos are much more intimate and personal and hopefully fun and insightful too. Peoples stories and examples are the way I learn best, so I was sure to include one every week. Emails will be there each week, but feel free to work at your own pace, and on your own schedule, you can work this however and whenever you’re ready, but of course I encourage you to show up and do the work now if you can.

This course is a wholistic look at ALL the areas of your life that Feast or Famine touches, and how and why. They are ALL interconnected and all equally important. and profoundly affect eachother. The course outline by week will be:

• Week 1: Introduction
• Week 2: Body
• Week 3: Business
• Week 4: Money
• Week 5: Relationship
• Week 6: Confidence
• Week 7: Pleasure
• Week 8: Integration

In addition we will have 1 Live Call or Pre-Recorded Q&A session per month where I will answer any questions you might have. How that works is you’ll submit your questions ahead and I’ll answer them either live or on a pre-recorded video call. At the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll receive the full and complete guidebook to keep, with all 8 beautifully designed chapters in 1 to keep, you’ll have a high-resolution printable version that you can use to move through this again and again as you shift and grow in your business. This is a process I MYSELF will be using again and again, every time I’m ready to change or grow towards new dreams.

In addition we will have 1 Live Call or Pre-Recorded Q&A session per month where I will answer any questions you might have. How that works is you’ll submit your questions ahead and I’ll answer them either live or on a pre-recorded video call. At the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll receive the full and complete guidebook to keep, with all 8 beautifully designed chapters in 1 to keep, you’ll have a high-resolution printable version that you can use to move through this again and again as you shift and grow in your business. This is a process I MYSELF will be using again and again, every time I’m ready to change or grow towards new dreams.

Enrollment for this course is only open until _______ and the doors close in 5 days. Since I am still working with a lot of high-end clients and big packages I only have time to run this course a small number of times per year, so once the door closes, it’s really closed. But if you ARE feeling ready and you WOULD love to join me, if you sign up today (in the next 24 hours), you will also get my bonus ‘/How to overcome pricing blocks/’ download, which lists my time tested and proven best practices for calming your nerves around raising your prices, and how to do it effectively. That bonus goes away at ____ time tomorrow, and is only for people who sign up today.

PLUS you’ll get my bonus (/bonus 2/) video and printable download on how to get high 6 and 7 figure clients: you’ll learn what sets them apart, and what makes the difference. You won’t just learn how to align yourself with them, you’ll learn how to BE one of them 😉 *wink*

Okay, now to the nitty gritty… but Sunni, geez louise, just tell us how much it costs!! I know this sounds hella corny and like a total sales tactic, but it’s true, and it’s something that took me a LONG time to really GET, and that is that – it’s not a COST to you it’s an INVESTMENT in you, it’s not something that decreases your worth and ability to have what you need, it’s something that /increases/ your worth and ability to have what you need. I know you’re a smart cookie and you already GET that, yah yah Sunni, but I say that because I have OFTEN needed that push to get off the bench and invest in myself and I’m glad those people did what I could NOT do at the time, which is say – hey, get off the bench and press play! You’re no dummy, you know damn well it’s a sales tactic, of course I’m trying to get you to spend money, but the person I’m trying to get you to spend money on is YOU. Truly. Because what I KNOW from my own experience doing this, is that JUST doing that act, will change your life. Doing it now and doing it again and again as opportunities that feel right for you present themselves. It has changed mine, and is still changing mine, I saw absolutely NO change or traction with anything I did until I dared to do this work. This is not positive thinking. This is deep healing. It makes a long lasting impact that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. So… the price is $398 if you pay in full – OR – 3 payments of $150. This is my early launch and I plan to raise the cost of the course to at least double that the next time around, so now’s the time to jump in at this introductory price!

Okay, so clickety-click the buy now button and come on over and join me, the course starts as soon as you enroll but enrollment is only open for the next few days . I can’t wait to hear your ah ha’s and see how this shifts things for you going forward towards all your heart is wanting!

Anyone who joins TODAY gets the ‘How To Overcome Pricing Blocks’ download, that goes away tomorrow, 24 hours from now. So if that sounds like something you need to have, be sure to purchase the course today.




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The power of great design in branding your business is that it not only excites and inspires your clients, but it excites and inspires you too! When you meet your genuine brand, all fleshed out before you, it re-invigorates and re-inspires YOU about it too, it brings your vision to life in a whole new way, and that inspiration goes right back into the business… equipping you with everything you need to meet your market head-on, and grow your business from a fresh and strong foundation. As a successful business owner you already know that whether you’re selling a product or a service, what you’re really selling is an EXPERIENCE, and the best way to sell an experience is to give your prospective customers a “taste”. Here at The Salty Olive we specialize in just that very thing, and we’ve been doing it for 16+ years: distilling it all down to the heart of your business, and designing all your marketing materials to do just that—give your clients a true “taste” and FEEL for YOUR UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE. The fact is people connect on a tactile, and emotional level through words and imagery—it’s what moves them and ultimately inspires them to choose you—that’s why we design your brand as an answer to what your clients most want to feel and experience,  because when you do that, you go from being A choice for them, to being THE choice for them.