Hi Again! So last week we talked about taking a fresh look at your business model, and finding out exactly what your goal numbers are and what that new model looks like, hopefully you came up with some fresh insights on what was working, what wasn’t, WHO was working and who wasn’t and did the math on, what you want and need and what that looks like on a monthly or annual basis – and put that together with what’s been working best and feeling re-invigorated. Which of course leads us to the next hurdle which is, okay great now that I know this is what I want and this is what might work best for me… now HOW exactly do I go and do that and make that happen Sunni?! And that’s a great question! That’s gonna look different for every one of you, there IS no “right way” or fail-proof way of doing that, so once again you’re going to need to find the best ways for YOU that work for YOU.

So… once again, we’re here today to give you real tangible tools to start with, and first /action steps/ you can take to begin to turn that around for yourself. Get out a pen and paper or open that notes doc on your computer and write down these tips & questions:

✅  Use your resourcefulness: if you own a business or have started a business you are already a super resourceful human being. USE this in yourself.
✅  Who do you know that you can reach out to? Dig deep.
✅  What current clients or contacts can you approach?
✅  When you look at WHO is working well in your business, what types of clients or customers are responding to you, or have in the past, where do more of those clients and customers live? (what spaces do they occupy in life or online)
✅  How can you start showing up more in the world? Is it in person? Online? In writing? In voice? Think about the ways you best connect.
✅  Think about the ways people have best connected to YOU. (you may prefer being a hermit, but you may often hear how much people enjoyed meeting you in person)
✅  Think about the solution you are offering with your service or product and really get in touch with who needs that solution?
✅  Think outside the box. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, it will teach you things and grow you into this business owner you’re trying to become like NOTHING ELSE. Trust me on this, it’s hard but totally worth it.
✅  BAM – that’s how you start to get those numbers you’ve decided for yourself. 😊

But here’s the thing… I have seen countless business owners that I’ve worked with get to this point and say okay, what I want and need is high-end clients who make lots of money and pay high-end prices for the best quality work, because they get it that I’m worth it! But here’s where I’m gonna share the harsh truth about that – I saw those clients saying that on the one hand, but then at the very same time as saying that, they are balking at peoples prices and not investing in THEMSELVES the way they are expecting these magical rich people to do.

And BELIEVE ME, I did the same thing!! They were expecting wealthy people to make them or break them, to take them to the next level, instead of BECOMING a wealthy person and thinking like one and doing exactly what you’re asking THEM to do. This doesn’t mean you have to be spending hoards of money on yourself, or spending money you don’t have, for a long time I couldn’t even afford my own prices 😀 – but what it means is that this is a mind set issue, it’s an issue of putting your power in someone else’s hands instead of your own. You’re making those people your boss all over again, instead of making YOU the boss. And this has nothing to do with actual dollars and cents but with how you see and experience yourself and what you think you’re worth.

The truth is, all of this boils down to mind set, it all boils down to the fears and emotional mental blocks that keep us from the success and money we need to have the lives we really want. The truth is, you can have all the methodology, and skills and training on how to do these things in the world, you can have all the nuts and bolts and 10 step formulas on the planet, but if you haven’t done the INNER WORK on these things you won’t have success with those things. You can take actions (which is SUPER important) and try things out all day long, but if you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself at every step (which I was, and I have seen countless other women do because they don’t really believe in themselves or are terrified about what success might do to their lives), none of it is going to stick, you won’t get any traction. If you don’t have anyone out in front of you doing the same exact thing you’re trying to do in the same exact way and saying yes – come this way, it’ll totally work, you can do it – it can feel super lonely, and isolating, and filled with uncertainty and doubt. When I was in that stage I was desperate for a mentor or some guidance from someone who’d done it and could help me deal with the deep stuff that was coming up around it, and I couldn’t find that person. So I decided to be that person, and shine the way for all of you.    

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would now be selling packages that range in price from $3,000 – $10,000 a MONTH, every month like clock work for 12 month contracts, with a small family of incredible kind clients who value me and my work and I have a totally flexible work schedule and tons of quality time, and time off, I would never have believed you. But here I am. And I’m just getting started, I’m always in process, I’ve been here for some years now and I’m now reaching for more and new goals and a new model and continually refining, but I’ve been doing this long enough by now to know… I can absolutely do it, and will do it, and it’s just gonna keep getting better.  

So stay tuned for my announcement email with your link to watch the next session in a couple days where I’ll be sharing the HIGHLY personal gory details of my feast or famine journey as a woman entrepreneur, including my 15 year battle with eating disorders and body image, and how it was not until I did this work – in my FULL Feast or Famine No More course – that things really shifted.

I had taken a LOT of courses, attended a LOT of workshops and learned a lot of tools that I tried implementing but did not get me any traction until I did this inner work. It changed everything. This is not positive thinking, this is the real deep work that changes everything!

And I know it will for you too, so thanks again for joining me and I can’t wait to see you next week for our final lesson!



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