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A visually compelling and engaging course on the “feast or famine”/ “all or nothing” cycle that often plagues our businesses, finances, bodies and lives. We will walk through all of these areas together, and come out the other side with a greater understanding of exactly what you need to invite & create more stability and plenty in both your business, your finances, and yourself.

As someone who’s struggled mightily with this cycle in all areas of my life for as long as I can remember, there was a point that I honestly felt there was just no hope for things to be different. But there IS. As I set out to create the financial stability I was so desperately craving in my business, I finally began to really see and heal all the other areas of my life this cycle has touched. Each area touches the other, and is so intricately connected to the rest, that seeing how it all ties together has really made all the difference. This work has made radical shifts in my life—not just in my business and finances—but also in my body, relationships, and beyond. My hope is, it will for you too.


A one-time, how-to, 5-step, cure-all, fix-all, slay-all manual with a heaping side of magical thinking. There will be magic, but it will be your own. There will be lightness, good-feels and fun, but there will also be deep diving. There will be fixes, there will be steps, but they will be ones built on your own wisdom. The “expert” I most want to connect you with, is your own.


This course may contain curse words, imperfections and/or spelling and grammar mistakes. It will contain an informal, conversational writing style, and un-fancy weekly videos from a regular everyday woman who is not using sets or studio lighting, and who may, or may not, always say, or do, the exact right things. (I know right? The horror!) Plus, I may even show up in said videos in my pajamas. If any of this turns you off, fare thee well!


An 8 week journey, delivered to your inbox at a nice & easy once per week pace. Each week will contain that week’s chapter from the Feast or Famine No More Guidebook, complete with gorgeous imagery and prompts, and a short informal video chat where I share a personal story. Emails will be there each week starting the date you sign up, but feel free to work at your own pace, and on your own schedule. The weekly chapters from the guidebook are sent individually so you can work them one at a time, but you will also receive a full and complete version of it at the end to keep. You will also have access to a once per month live call where we can gather and I’ll answer pre-submitted questions, if that is of interest (totally optional – I will announce the live call dates via email at least a week in advance so questions can be submitted).


Special Introductory pricing until Oct. 1st: $98.00 —OR— $15.00 per week for 8 weeks

Thereafter it will be offered at: $398 —OR— $68.00 per week for 8 weeks


Below is a little taste of the course’s content. You know, like the guy in the grocery store offering you a sample of the hottest new trend in nacho cheese. Except, like… less cheesy than that, and also does not contain milk or nuts (in case you’re sensitive). But seriously though, there’s a whole lot more beauty inside, and tons of inspiration, and ideas, here’s a quick peek: (click any image to enlarge, and to see even more, scroll below)



I know what you’re thinking… wait, this all sounds nice, but why would I listen to you? I get it! Nobody wants to take a course from someone who hasn’t worked their own shit out. So here’s a few reasons you might want to dive in (or not. It’s your life, boo!):

»  I’ve been an entrepreneur and creative small business owner for over 17 years (the same business!), not only did that business survive my 20’s (holy god, how the hell?!), but my 30’s as well, and a radical transformation of my model a couple years ago that made me ONE KAJILLION DOLLARS!  Okay, not really, but it did put me well above six figures, with smooth and steady payments that come in like clockwork every month. For whatever that’s worth.

»  I survived and totally recovered from a 15 year eating disorder (that I honestly thought I’d never get out of) when I turned 30. It would be another 10 years of healing though, when it came to serial dieting and playing with every “type” of eating there is, and body acceptance/love. Our journey’s are never really over with this stuff, but in this last year, I’ve sworn off diet culture entirely, and learned to truly feed myself (meaning eat more than one giant meal a day + all the coffee), I am showing up, letting myself be seen regardless, plus I hardly even sweat my double chin pics. (baby steps, peeps)

»  I built my business around the life I love, not the other way around, even as the primary earner in my household. I work on my own time and schedule and travel and take trips when I want to. I spend work days mostly in my pajamas at home, and other days out in nature refueling. Which days are which, are up to me.

»  I’ve been married to my best friend and love of my life since we were babies. Okay not babies, but we honestly did have a baby when we were babies (19), and not only did we survive, we thrived—despite all the odds not being in our favorWe didn’t actually have the wedding until our baby boy was 6, and we’d already been together 8 years (I’ve always done things my own damn way), but being essentially married to someone for 23 years by the time you are 40 means you have your mid-life crises at 40, which means I’ve got some relationship cred too. *wink*

»  I did all of the above NOT “by the book“, and still somehow managed to grow and thrive. (do NOT mistake that for: it was easy. nope. nope. nope.) I made my own way, and I made it work. Even when everyone thought I must be crazy.


A few more views of what’s inside. I designed this course to be visually engaging so that it helps you feel more like you’ve been somewhere while you’re taking it—like you’ve been transported out of your environment to a whole new space you can almost touch and feel. I believe this has a great effect on the ways it hits home.



WEEK 1 »  Introduction
WEEK 2 »  Body
WEEK 3 »  Business
WEEK 4 »  Money
WEEK 5 »  Relationship
WEEK 6 »  Confidence
WEEK 7 »  Pleasure
WEEK 8 »  Integration


Ready to take the dive? I would so love if you would join me. Clickety-click below, and you’ll be in. Class starts the moment you say yes. Or whenever you damn well please thereafter 😉

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